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Changes at Children’s Playlink 

In June 2015, members agreed that the charity would seek to merge with another more substantial charity.  This decision was made following the loss of funding to support Early Years settings, and uncertainty of other funding beyond this financial year. The trustees considered that it would be in the best interests of continuing key aspects of the work of the charity to take this action, rather than risk an uncertain future.

An agreement has now been reached with a much larger charity, Brandon Trust, and the work of Children’s Playlink will transfer to Brandon Trust on 1 December, 2015. The services for members will continue, provided by Brandon Trust, until the end of Children's Playlink's financial year (31 March, 2016). Our staff and office base are also transferring to Brandon Trust and, from the transfer date, you can contact Brandon Trust with any queries in relation to the provision of services to members. 

Brandon Trust is a charity supporting adults and children with learning disabilities and autism in Southern England, including London. They believe that all people with learning disabilities should be able to live a life of freedom with fewer limitations and are well placed to continue our holiday play schemes and other activities for children and young people with disabilities in South Gloucestershire.

The trustees would like to thank you for supporting Children's Playlink over the years.